Victoria Elizabeth Lazarou: Growth Is A Bumpy Road But The Best Damn Adventure

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Photograph by Golden Hour Pictures

Writer + Intentional Storyteller

Industry: Branding + Writing

Home base: Human of the Universe

Meet Victoria – A dabbling word artist rambling around the world, curious human inspired by people + places, and epicurean basking in the art of slow living.

"My work is founded in my experience with creative perspectives, continuous collaboration, and encouraging people to do what truly makes them thrive. Recognizing what makes us thrive is what powers our passion and drives all of our soul-fueled motives, allowing us to positively dance our merry way through life. We jive through life to release the purest form of our soul, wholeheartedly wrapped with all connecting parts. Without us even knowing what is in front of us, we push ourselves through challenges that allow us to enter places of unrecognizable growth. 

Photograph by Golden Hour Pictures

The truth is, I had a very difficult time recognizing and believing my ability. Until I realized it was really all just a perspective which was actually a choice that I was making. Now,  I confidently create my very own choice of change while also embracing all imperfections along the way, pulling out the threads of greatness one knit at a time. I've constantly gone back and fourth with myself with the question of 'HOW?' how, how, how. How can I make a career and a life with my passion? What will allow me to reach that? Well, truth is, there really is no exact answer.

Uncertainty hits like a wall and curiosity drives you to endless opportunities. Though, it is all about perspective and learning to map out the situations that push us to the greatest measures. 

I started off with what I believed was most important: Actively refining and developing our most competitive challenges and motives. That is, the ability to know our self, the ability to connect deeply with others, the ability to navigate the uncertainty of any given day directly determining the ability to make a positive influence on not only the wild world but also internally and with the people around us. Growth is a bumpy road but the best damn adventure.

Photograph by Anthony J Rayburn

My background: I am a Greek-American citizen of the universe with a strong passion to see the world and help others.  Many people typically say the same, only some live it. Though, how was I going to be successful in life off of just that? (The infamous question that I asked myself endless amounts of times). For the longest time, I sat around talking about that passion and day dreaming about it - waiting for 'the next big thing'.  At some point, two bachelor degrees later, and five years in a corporate desk job (because that is apparently considered to be 'the linear life path', right?), I found myself severely unfulfilled with my daily. 

The days were passing like seconds, years were passing like minutes, people were coming and going - to say the least, life was flying by. 

Shortly after the passing of my father and numerous close friends, I truly began to realize the importance of each breath, break of laughter, and smile. After numerous trips, to both developing countries and already developed destinations as well, I knew it was time for me to stop talking about change and make the change. After all, it was my choice. We, as humans, have complete control over the change in our lives. Though, from time to time we live in fear of getting our hands dirty enough to make those changes.

So here I am, trusting that my passion can actually be the success of my life. I advise you to do the same. 

Photograph by Golden Hour Pictures

Left two photographs by Anthony J Rayburn and right photograph by Golden Hour Pictures

Currently, I have founded a boutique brand studio that focuses on social impact. MAYSEA fundamentally believes in the power of change and our ability to activate awareness on a global scale. 

It's simple: you invest time + services, we give our time + services. We have the for profit side of the business which is heavily focused on building out content for creative entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses and the non-profit which is where we focus on giving back and co-giving.

Photographs by Anthony J Rayburn

MAYSEA gives a portion of what is earned through each project to educate former orphans, refugees, and small organizations to become job creators and leaders in today's society. MAYSEA is dedicated to generating awareness for impact. There are endless amounts of people and organizations all around the world that are doing selfless + life changing work, the issues is, they are not always known. So, we are trying to change that one day at a time.

With a push from MAYSEA's boutique brand studio, we are able to make The MAYSEA Movement possible. The MAYSEA Movement is a global conversation of freedom through voice, expression and storytelling. Our goal is to empower youth to rise out of poverty, elevate the potential of opportunity, and shift the perspectives of leaders through literacy. We blend social and emotional aspects into writing practices that connect expression and lead to the movement of change."

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