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Updated: Nov 25, 2018

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Industry: LARP Industry Home Base: Munich, Germany

"Hi, I'm Sonja and I am turning my life around." Sounds like a cool slogan, huh? Well that's exactly what I did: crushing procrastination and living a wild, adventurous life. Traveling through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, doing Live Action Roleplay, starting my own business: The world is my oyster and I would love to take you with me. This is the story of how it all started...

Photo by Moritz Jendral Photography

One reason my life is adventurous is my extraordinary hobby: Live Action Roleplay. Through LARP I met the most amazing friends all over Europe, crawled through the mud in the middle of the night to assassinate enemies, fought next to thousands of warriors in a mighty shield wall and danced at gigantic bonfires to the wild beat of the drums.

But let's start at the beginning: It's the year 2013. I have a “picture perfect” curriculum vitae. Graduated from High School the youngest of my class. Lived in Singapore, Taiwan, Greece and Spain working as a model. Turned my internship into a full-time job as marketing manager. Left that job to be personal assistant to the highest management and project manager in a big company. Got my Bachelor of Business Administration while working up to 80 hours a week at my job.

And then it all collapsed.

Why was I doing this? What for? Did it make me happy? The answer was “No”. It was the first time I questioned the hamster wheel of today's society: Birth, School, Work, Death. They taught us so much as school but not the answer to the most important question: How do you find happiness?

So I started the journey of finding the answer. I left home and traveled to Australia and Thailand. There I got my first hint:

“Sonja, YOU create the world you live in”

You have the full responsibility over your life. Nobody else. Don't like your job? Change it. Not happy with your fitness? Do something. And above all: What is your perception of the world? Do you find something negative in anything - or do you focus on the positive? Now, I try to do the latter.

So when I returned to Germany I had the focus on my private life only. “A normal job doesn't make you happy - so fuck that and live your life” was my motto. I mainly spent time with my friends, who are amazing and whom I love to death. We built a LARP group called “Bracar Keltoi” (check out it out here if you're interested) and put all our effort and time into that. It really payed off.

Photo by Moritz Jendral Photography

Now we have a union with over 300 LARP players who are as thick as thieves. In the “Bloodpact” we fight side by side - both in-game and outside of it. I need a place to sleep in Switzerland? I will ask my brothers and sisters from the Equinox. I need a header for Sonja's Adventures' Facebook page? Let me ask Alex from the “Sumpfbären” who is a graphic artist. I desperately need people to answer my survey for the university paper? I post it into our Facebook group and will get help from all sides.

So here I was. The most amazing circle of friends. An adventurous private life. A stable home. Yet, something was still missing.

Maslow has a pyramid and is super important when it comes to “theories of human motivation”. At least university thinks he is. Basically he said that there is a hierarchy of needs in one's life. Starting with “being able to breathe, eat and have a home” up to “feeling respected and loved”. And then there is his last one: self-actualisation. “What a man CAN be, he MUST be”: the realisation of one's full potential. And THAT was exactly my problem.

Although my private life was perfect, I felt like I threw away some of my potential if I didn't thrive for more. How was I able to make a difference in the world, help more people, give something back if a perfect career wasn't the answer?

So there I was, lying in my bed in the middle of the night, eyes wide open. When suddenly it hit me: Sonja!! Just! Do! Something!

Stop procrastinating. Stop holding yourself back by perfectionism. Just start! You always wanted to make a video channel of some sorts - so do that. The rest, you will figure out on the run.

And that's exactly what I did. The next day I sat in front of my iPhone, took all the courage I had to shoot my first video and to start my journey. Nobody knows where this will lead me. But one thing is for sure, it will be one step closer to fulfilling my potential.

And if I can do it - you can do it. Let's do this together!"

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