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Updated: Apr 5

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As cars whizzed by on a busy street in Cape Town, the wind picked up at that very moment, whisking a single strand of hair around my face. I scrambled to tuck it back into my carefully curated bun. The traffic, the wind and now my hair, it all became too much. I needed to be back in control.

My power used to come from knowing that everything was where it was meant to be and planned ahead of time.

This filtered into everything I did, the way I organised my room, adjusted the position of my hot water bottle in bed or planned where I’d be driving far in advance. I needed certainty and as people around me could see, it influenced my world to a large extent. I remember the interest in someone’s tone asking me why I never wore my hair down. I’d tried to explain that I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. It wasn’t long after this that I set an intention to become emotionally comfortable with wearing my hair loose. The results over time caused my excitement about self work to catapult. I no longer felt restricted. If this was possible with something I’d not been able to explain and had felt at a loss to change, I began to see other areas in my life where I wanted to improve. And so I reached out.

Flash forward a few years and I’m writing this with my wild curls reveling in their freedom as they linger around me.

I’ve been on the move in Europe for a few months now and, in keeping with my life theme of actively seeking growth, I’m attracting many learning and fulfilling experiences.

Looking back over this year, I’d have been shocked and a little nervous had someone told me in January I’d be travelling freely without any set plans. I was so content with where I was and in a process that can only be defined as synchronistic, my path unfolded.

I found my inner certainty was stronger than I’d ever known it to be.

Discovering my connection to life coaching and a curiosity to study its science was the catalyst for drastic change. My interest in the course originally stemmed from a desire to release conditioning that had built up over the years from influences of the media, family, friends, teachers etc. I wanted to be able to separate my true response from what was conditioned. However, it resulted in my realising the deep passion I have for facilitating others.

Nearly two years of learning tools and insights to practice in my own life gave me the foundation for my next step forward.

There are many other methods, mentors, books and documentaries that have facilitated my journey of self awareness and development. Through them I experienced noticeable change, whether it was a kinesiology or a life coaching session, a practical exercise to incorporate into my routine or practicing my three favourites; affirmations, gratitude and intention. I began to place a lot more trust in my intuition and strengthen that muscle.

I am very grateful for my support system, there is so much to be said for having people around who love you and want to see you shine. People who will ask the challenging questions and not just agree with you. I know that I can turn to them to be seen, heard and receive true reflection.

Life is a tapestry in which each thread is just as important as another, all forming part of a masterpiece.

This inspires me to enjoy the present moment and also get excited about where travel, life coaching, writing and my many other passions will lead.

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