Marishka Myers: Big City Living To Small Town Loving!

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Digital Marketing Manager - Billabong South Africa

Industry: Surf & Fashion Home Base: Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

"You'll know when there are waves here. There'll be excited chatter, our offices clear out and later you might find wet footprints sloshed all over the place. Everything here revolves around surfing. We surf, we talk about surfing, we watch surfing, we play Fantasy Surfer... the list goes on.

It's always been my dream to have my routine entirely determined by the swell and the wind (I think this is every surfer's dream?).

If there's surf, I'll get up at the crack of dawn, I'll drop whatever I'm doing or I'll eek out the last few minutes of daylight to make the most of it.

It wasn't always like this. Three years ago I was a die-hard Capetonian working in stills production (which I loved), spending at least two hours a day on my commute and if I was lucky, I'd be able to surf on the weekends or squeeze in the odd wave or two after work. The work I did was satisfying and I loved the team I worked with, but surfing - which had always been a central part of my life - took a backseat.

It was around that time that my then boyfriend (now husband) pointed out a post for a position at Billabong South Africa. It seemed like a dream job, but the catch was that it was based in Jeffreys Bay and like any self-respecting Capetonian, the idea of living any place other than Cape Town seemed incredulous. I applied regardless, not expecting much to come of it. When I was accepted for the position I felt sick to my stomach with nervousness.

The idea of moving to a small town where I didn't know a single person by myself, suddenly seemed like an insurmountable challenge.

And it was ...the first few weeks in Jeffreys Bay were painful. As exciting and fun as my new position was, I hardly knew anyone in Jeffreys Bay. I spent most of my time at work and my free time was spent surfing to kill the loneliness of not having any friends. I desperately missed my boyfriend and my family, and there were so many instances where I thought I wouldn't last.

In retrospect, I'm really thankful that I made the experience of making a move like that by myself - it taught me a lot about grit and perseverance and without a doubt strengthened my character. Three years later, I am very happy to be living in Jeffreys Bay with my husband of four months, an incredible circle of friends, a warm congregation that we go to and a lifestyle that I could only have dreamed of years ago. I'm able to cycle to work in just a few minutes, I get to surf before and after work and if the waves are really cooking, I can pop off for a quick lunchtime surf.

My work revolves around two of my passions, surfing and fashion, and allows to travel around the country or surf events.

In terms of what's next...I'm open to whatever God has in store for us, but overall I'm very much determined to live a slow life. I try not to let the busy-ness of every day life overshadow the blessing of life itself, or to let what are essentially unimportant trivialities control my life."


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